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'Why don’t we do something a little more, out-of-the-box?'Jack Heuer

TAG Heuer has existed alongside motorsport since its inception in 1860.The company manufactured dashboard mounted rally timers, and soon the connection between the watchmakers and the sport was sealed. In its days as Heuer, the company, through the expertise of Jack Heuer, became the first non-motorsport sponsor of an F1 driver.

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TAG Heuer History

The History of TAG Heuer Watches

A company with its roots firmly planted in motorsport, TAG Heuer watches started off as just Heuer watches, under the talent of Edouard Heuer. A watchmaker with a passion for innovation, he founded Heuer watches at the tender age of twenty. Such was his enthusiasm for his work, that with just nine years under his belt with Heuer watches, he had already patented the crown winding mechanism - a device that still prominently features on TAG Heuer watches - and all watches - today. Not twenty years later, he had also patented the oscillating pinion; a compact component that allowed precise engagement of the chronograph function.

This interest in chronographs founded Heuer watches' penchant for timing equipment. After Edouard Heuer's death in 1892, Heuer watches continued to develop its products, the Heuer 'Time of Trip' dashboard mounted stopwatch receiving its patent in 1911. The main, centrally mounted hands of the instrument measured time as per other Heuer watches, but an additional pair of smaller hands at the top of the face also measured elapsed time. A top mounted crown started, stopped and reset the timing hands. This developed into the first wrist worn chronograph, released in 1914 - adapted from a Heuer pocket watch, the crown was mounted at the twelve o'clock position, and accuracy was improved to 1/100th of a second. A timing split function was added soon after, which allowed the interval between contestants to be recorded.

The Heuer dashboard chronograph evolved into various forms right through until the 1980's; the Heuer Super Autavia, a name derived from the two main users of the instrument, the auto and aviation industries, the Heuer Master Time, which contained a movement that could run for eight days without winding, the Heuer Monte-Carlo, a twelve hour stopwatch, the Heuer Sebring, a sixty minute split-second timer and the Heuer Auto-Rallye, a sixty minute stopwatch.

The obvious connections with of Heuer watches motorsport garnered the inevitable interest of Formula 1, the most exotic and prestigious of all auto racing. The Formula 1 link was cemented further with the amalgamation of TAG, and Heuer. TAG (Techniques d'Avant Garde) manufactured technology used in Formula 1, such as the ceramic turbochargers that gave the cars their fearsome reputation.

Motorsport wasn't the only industry that displayed an interest in the chronographs of Heuer; John Glenn, the astronaut piloting the Mercury Atlas 6 spacecraft, used his Heuer stopwatch to manually time the first manned orbit around the Earth. The aviation industry also relied heavily on Heuer watches; the German air force commissioned many Heuer watches for their pilots throughout the world wars and onwards, well into the sixties. A notable development in this field was the 'Bundeswehr,' a fly-back Heuer chronograph that immediately began timing the next segment when the previous was reset.

TAG Heuer watches, pre and post TAG acquisition, have always had an understated and desirable 'cool' to them. For all their functionality within the various industries that used them, their clean designs and usable features have made them as sought-after by the public as by the professionals. And - let's face it - if Steve McQueen wore Heuer watches, then they've got to be cool.

TAG Heuer Series

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