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Gold Watches

Gold is one of the most precious of metals and has its own unique power and potency. Since time immemorial it has enchanted and weaved its magic. In jewellery it has a very special place and in watches in represents a combination of beauty and craftsmanship as a gold watch.

Combining Gold and a finely crafted watch and you has a truly mesmeric product a Gold Watch. More than just a watch and more than just another fashion accessory, Gold Watches have the power and mystique to transform the wrists of men and women everywhere. Because of gold's ability to resist the wearing processes that can affect other precious metals Gold remains the perfect, glittering component of the finest watches in the world today.

Owing the nature of the attraction of gold, clever designers and watch manufacturers have developed different Gold Watches, using white and yellow gold combined with traditional gold to produce some stunning patterns and gold watch combinations. Thus quality gold watches are also known as dress watches, owing to the wider context of their purpose, namely to accompany an overall aesthetic or lifestyle look.

Men's Gold watches

An example of one beautiful Gold Watches is the Rolex YachtMaster, (in yellow gold and steel), the Yacht-Master II (available in white gold and yellow gold) and the Rolex Daytona gold watch (available in eve rose gold). In all of these examples it's the way the designers incorporate the overall hues and colours together with the gold components that produces the most stunning combinations.

Other, more traditional designs combine in the Rotary Gold Watches range, using both 9 ct and 18ct. They also offer a range of vintage Gold Watches and even a classic pocket watch in gold. Breitling watches and Omega watches also offer an excellent range of Gold Watches, each one made with their quintessential lines, colour combinations and unique symmetry.

Women's Gold watches

Women were the original reason for the invention of the wristwatches. Until the First World War they were considered rather feminine. The combination of the increase in popularity of wrist watches and the increasing use of precious metals have ensured a constant stream of high-quality Gold Watches for ladies. And who loves the glittering nature of gold more than a refined lady? Examples of superb quality ladies' Gold Watches are Tag Heuer's Aquaracer range, which incorporates white mother-of-pearl, diamonds and 19ct yellow gold to stunning effect.


The origins of the 'dress watch' started with the development of the concept of the wrist watch and which in turn heralded the decline of the pocket or fob watch. As the 'art deco' movement took hold between the wars, this in turn led to an increase in costume jewellery. It was only a short hop from this to the idea that a watch can also be a fashion accessory or an extension of the outfit one was wearing. By the 1980s many companies were trying to appeal to the ladies' gold watch market as fashion became a greater selling commodity on the high street. By the turn of the 21st century watch makers had also started to produce Gold Watches that are designed for rugged outdoor types.

The different carats of gold, coupled with some watch manufacturers' desire to make more affordable Gold Watches has meant that even people on more modest incomes can afford quality gold watches that incorporate 9ct or 12ct into their design.

A Gold watch is a lifetime investment and makes a beautiful fashionable timepiece