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Giving you a good idea of what our watches look like is a difficult but important job. All the watches we sell are immaculate and making sure the pictures reflect that is a highly skilled job. If you've ever tried to take a high quality, well lit image of anything that's very shiny you'll understand what we mean. Jack and Tom are the people who make sure that what you see is what you get.

We don't use catalogue images, every stock watch is photographed in our studio. Many are represented by rotating images which according to lots of our customers are as good as holding the watch in your hands. If you would like to use our images please email our marketing department here.


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In addition to the product images you see on the site watchfinder produces a large quantity of editorial images for use throughout the site. These showcase the fantastic array of outstanding watches that pass through Watchfinder. If you'd like to use any of these images please email us for prices relating to our rights managed creative images.

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Watchfinder's product and creative photography is used in a wide range of publications, websites and blogs. If you would like use our imagery for commercial or non-commercial purposes send an email to our marketing department here. As you can see Watchfinder have invested heavily in the photography department and are very protective of our images. If you want to use them please ask first.