WF&Co. Services

Trade Services

Watchfinder is much more than just a B2C retail organisation. Our ability to sell pre-owned watches has enabled us to develop a number of long term relationships with manufacturers and authorised retailers across the UK, built upon a mutual understanding and appreciation of good customer service. We offer the referral of anyone looking to buy new watches through our site to manufacturers and authorised retailers, as well as being able to accommodate customers of manufacturers and authorised retailers who are looking to part exchange or sell their watches.

New Watch Leads

We have an established network of manufacturers and authorised retailers with whom we share our new watch enquiries. These manufacturers and authorised retailers have been selected according to their ability to provide a high standard of service to the level expected by our customers. If you are a manufacturer or authorised retailer based in the UK and would like to discuss the opportunity to receive referrals from us, then please contact our Lead Management team.

Sell Your Pre-owned Watches

If you have taken in pre-owned stock and wish to sell it promptly, please use the 'Sell Your Watch' link at the top of the page to receive a valuation. Our Purchasing team will then be able to discuss the options open to you for the sale of your watches plus any future business you may wish to undertake with us.

We Can Underwrite Your Part Exchanges

If you have accepted or would like to accept watches from customers in part exchange, we can facilitate the underwriting of these purchases for you. This offers flexibility for your business without any risk on your behalf, as you will have sold the watch before it has been bought. Please contact us to discuss this option futher.

Buy Back Service

When you sell a new watch, you can have the option to offer your customer a buy back guarantee, underwritten by us. If the customer later decides that they wish to sell the watch, we will then underwrite its purchase, enabling you to meet the customer's needs for a new purchase. Please contact us to discuss this option further.