About WF&Co.

Why Watchfinder?

Customer Service

Whether you're coming to visit us, using our website or speaking to us on the phone, our aim is to deliver the highest standards of customer care from enquiry right through to after-sales. We understand that a watch can be a long term purchase, so we're always happy to help you if you have a question you'd like to ask us. We aren't bound by any one manufacturer so you can be sure that we will help find the best watch for you.


We use our combined decades' worth of experience, library of reference books and relationships with the manufacturers to make entirely sure that everything we sell is completely authentic. Fake watches are damaging to the industry and fund criminal activities across the globe, so we ensure, with the owner's permission, that any fakes we do receive are taken out of circulation.

Our Watches

Buying pre-owned doesn't mean sacrificing on quality or condition, so we ensure that all our stock is as good as it can be before we sell it. From sourcing to storage, to packaging and delivery, we look after our watches with the utmost care and respect. We even have an in-house Servicing team who make sure that they are all as close to new as possible, both inside and out, and with nearly a thousand watches in stock, there is always plenty to choose from.

Money Back Guarantee

We do our very best to let you see our watches in close detail on our site, but even then sometimes things aren't quite what you'd expected when you receive them. Because of this, if you have had a watch delivered to you and are not entirely satisfied with it, we will give you a full fourteen days to change your mind and send the watch back to us, not for 'store credit,' but for a full refund.

If It Goes Wrong

It might be pre-owned, but it still comes with twelve months of comprehensive Watchfinder Warranty, so if your watch isn't working correctly through no fault of your own, we will fix it, free of charge. Our team are available to speak to six days a week, so we will be able to get your watch booked in and repaired for you as quickly as possible.