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At Watchfinder, we offer a wide range of prestige watches for all tastes, interests and budgets—but The Collection is where to look for that extra special something. We have assembled some of the very best and rarest watches ever created, brought together in one place to remind you of exactly why you became a lover of luxury watches in the first place. Whether it’s because of their design, heritage or outstanding performance, these one-of-a-kind pieces are the pinnacle of what fine watchmaking has to offer.

Every watch listed in this exclusive section is picked for its uniqueness—an extraordinary quality that sets it apart from other prestige timepieces. You’ll find creations by Patek Philippe, well known for its exceptionally beautiful and technically complex timepieces—but The Collection also includes stand out pieces from smaller, boutique brands. The contemporary-looking RM002, with its sleek and ergonomic design, was the watch that secured Richard Mille’s position in the ranks of ultra-high-end watchmakers. It earned the ground-breaking brand a place in the hearts of many watch aficionados, despite the fact it had only been established for a comparably short amount of time.

A common misunderstanding is that vintage watches are expensive, but the vast majority aren't. Extremely rare and collectible pieces have a marked premium for obvious reasons, an example of which being the exotic-dialled Rolex Cosmograph, an early version of the famous Daytona chronograph. Extremely limited numbers and impeccable heritage have ensured that its value has soared over time. But the abundance of vintage wristwatches (not forgetting that they were an everyday item) means that good examples can be had for the same outlay as a contemporary piece, and often for even less than that.

The supercar-styled Audemars Piguet Millenary Tourbillon is a tribute to the Maserati MC12, and is limited to just 150 in number

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